A choice of authentic fruity and flowery fragrances, high performance salon shampoos to eliminate residues and prepare the hair for your selected conditioner, treatment and styling products.  pH-balanced for optimum cleansing without aggressing the scalp. 


For immediate detangling, high performance conditioning and shine, Kursaal conditioners are formulated between pH 4 and 4,5.


A range of styling products for salon or home use. 

Classic Kursaal Gels, including our renowned “Gel Jaune”, incomparable and unbeatable formula, sought after by hairdressers all over Europe. 

Complement the Gel Jaune with Kursaal’s wet-look gel, alcohol free Lumigel, and strong hold “Mega Fix” and “Dynamito” gels.

Choose between hairsprays in aerosol or non-aerosol versions, strong or normal hold, mousses with or without added color for subtle shading.


To treat damaged hair, our hair mask with aloe vera and jojoba oil will rehydrate and care for brittle and porous hair, while our ceramide mask is ideal to restructure chemically damaged hair.  

For split ends, we propose our serum for hair tips, with added vitamin F, or our pure organic argan oil.


 Kursaal also cares for your skin, our favorite is the super-soft delicately perfumed shower cream with cotton extract to leave your skin soft and supple.  

We also propose pure organic argan oil with a handy drop dispenser.  Perfect for nourishing dry skin and hair.  Our traditional hand-cream is enriched with argan oil to protect and rehydrate dry hands.    





 Available in 0-1-2 strengths, tried and tested by thousands of hairdressers, classical permanent wave lotions, original formulations.

Choose between our vegetable protein-enriched permanent wave lotions, Condi-Perm, pH balanced and with built-in blocker to avoid over-processing.


Ready to use gentle foaming salon neutralizers to fix our permanent wave lotions.  pH balanced. 

“Neutralisant universel”, classic neutralizing agent, can be used with any permanent wave lotion, the economical and sure choice.

Perfumed “Neutralisant soft” contains conditioning agents, more suitable for a gentler curl.


Classic Kursaal Extra Blue mint perfume powder, low volatility, high trusted performance, a best seller for over 20 years.  Lifts up to 6 levels.  Perfect for highlights and bleaching.  To be used 1 + 1 with oxycream.  

Available in 50g, 500g and 1000g packs.


 For use with Extra Blue bleaching powder or Argan Color. 

Available in 40 – 30 – 20 or 10 volume.  Classic stabilized oxidizer, easy pourable formula, smooth mixing.  Original formula for over 20 years, no surprises, just optimum results


A wide range of salon-use lotions ranging from blow-dry to setting lotions, with color shades or neutral.

Try Proteo +, our protein additive in your bleach of color products for added protection for scalp and hair.

Minimalistic formulas, just the essential ingredients, no overloading, just balanced treatment and hold. 


Argan color : a range of classic colors, high shine, enriched with argan oil.  100ml tubes, 60 shades to choose from. 

*Color chart available.  Training manual available on request.